USC Computer Science 530 (CSci 530): Security Systems - Fall 2013

Lecture Friday - 9:00 to 11:45 AM, OHE 132
Clifford Neuman

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Final exam for CSci530
Monday December 16th, 11AM to 1PM
Room SGM-124


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This class will provide students an overview of systems security, its workings, and its role in protecting data and computing resources. The course begins with a discussion of the fundamental problem and tools in protecting a computing system, and proceeds through the various security services that apply to these systems. By the end of the course, at the highest level, students will be able to:

Pre-Requisites - The student should have already taken CS 402 or passed the department's operating system diagnostic exam.


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Three Assignments will be assigned plus a research paper. For the three assignments students may receive an automatic extension of 48 hours total that may be applied across the three homework assignments. If you turn in one of your assignments 8 hours late, then you will only have 40 hours remaining in extensions to use on subsequent assignments. I suggest not using the whole 48 hours on the first assignment, because if you have an unforseen scheduling issue arises later in the semester, it will be your problem. Late assignments (beyond any extension) will be assesed 1 full letter penalty per day they are late, and if the topic of an assignment is covered in the lecture following the due date, then the assignment will not be accepted beyond that lecture.

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