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Ph.D. Students

Current Ph.D. Students in Security

Advised by Clifford Neuman, Ph.D.:

Arun Viswanithan
Enhance situational awareness in large-scale, complex, distributed systems using a combination of knowledge-based and data-driven approaches.

Anas Al Majali
Working on topics related to security Smart Grid.

Hashem A. Alayed
Working on computer security for online games.

Advised by Jelena Mirkovic, Ph.D.:

Erik Kline, UCLA
Working on defenses against IP spoofing

Vaibhav Gupta, USC
Working on privacy-safe network trace sharing via secure queries

Hao Shi, USC
Working on multi-cloud resource allocation and investigation of testbed usage

Advised by John Heidemann, Ph.D.:

Zi Hu

Xun Fan
Working on Internet traffic analysis with ISI ANT group

Lin Quan
Working on Internet routing outage detection.

Xue Cai
Working on network and internet measurement with ANT group

Recent Students

Of Clifford Neuman:

Ho Chung, - Ph.D. USC 2009. Modeling the Relative Strength of Security.
Now a researcher at Samsung.

Li Zhou, - Ph.D. USC 2006. Negotiation of Multilateral Security Decisions.
Now a researcher at Microsoft, Redmond WA.

Sultan Almuhammadi – Ph.D. USC 2005. Security and Privacy Using One-Round Zero-Knowledge Proofs.
Now faculty at King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia.

Of John Heidemann:

Genevieve Bartlett (co-advised with Christos Papadopoulos): Ph.D. USC 2010. Network Reconnaissance Using Blind Techniques
Now post-doc at USC ISI.

Alefiya Hussain (co-advised with Christos Papadopoulos): Ph.D. USC 2005.
Now researcher at Cobham Analytic Solutions (formerly Sparta, Inc.)