Workshop on Countering Cyber-Terrorism

A workshop sponsored by the Information Sciences Institute
of the University of Southern California

June 22-23, 1999

9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. PDT each day

Location: USC ISI, 4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 1001, Marina del Rey, California

Participants should proceed to the 11th floor elevator lobby for admittance. Click here for directions.

Recent studies warn of Cyber-Terrorism and the vulnerability of our computer systems and infrastructure to attack. These reports identify damage that determined, knowledgeable, and well-financed adversaries could inflict on commercial, government, and military systems. Such attacks would have severe consequences for the public, and in particular the economy, which has become dependant on computers and communications infrastructure.

The objective of this workshop is to identify things that should be done to improve our ability to detect, protect against, contain, neutralize, mitigate the effects of, and recover from cyber-terrorist attacks. Participants are sought from the computer security, electronic commerce and banking, network infrastructure, military, and counter-terrorism communities, as well as those with experience of cyber-terrorist attacks. Recommendations may suggest research and development or operational measures that can be taken. The workshop is NOT a forum for presentation of the latest security systems, protocols or algorithms. The workshop will address the strategies, framework, and infrastructure required to combine and incrementally deploy such technologies to counter the cyber-terrorist threat.

Workshop Information

Registration Fee

There will be a registration fee of $25 to cover the cost of meals during the workshop (this fee will cover BOTH days). Checks only please. Receipts will be given on-site.

Make checks payable to:
University of Southern California.

Mail to:
USC Information Sciences Institute
4676 Admiralty Way, #1001
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-6601
Attention: Becky Jordan